This collection of short stories was compiled by the Gender and Disability Inclusive Development Group of the  GRID Network of the SEEPD Program for the 16 Days of Activism against Gender Based Violence in 2017. We choose 16 Stories to represent the wide range of
responses that women and girls with disabilities, and their allies and advocates, have shown in the face of difficult situations. These are difficult stories to read because of the brutality and violence contained within them – but they are also stories of compassion, strength,
resilience and hope for improvement. Each story is about a girl or a woman with disability, who has overcome violence in some way. The names are fictitious; we have not identified the woman or girl unless
she has expressly given her permission to be identified. Our goal is to show that women and girls with disabilities have difficult situations, yet they keep going with optimism and courage. We hope the stories will inspire other women and girls to live their best lives, to reach out
to support others and to show that we are not alone in efforts to overcome gender based violence. We hope that you read them and use them in your own work. Let us know if you have any feedback. Contact the GRID Network at:

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