GRID Notebook #29, Feb 28, 2018

Opportunities for Professional Development Opportunities Do you want to learn from the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine? Sign up for a NEW Course called Global Health and Disability: Leaving no one behind: disability, health and wellbeing in global development. A 3 week (maximum 4 hours per week) FREE online course from the International … Continue reading GRID Notebook #29, Feb 28, 2018


What is Empowerment?

There are many ways to understand empowerment. One definition is not going to capture what this word means to everyone. In business, economics, law, politics, health, gender issues, management – in all of these fields, empowerment has specific meanings and applications. We looked at what others have written (see the resource list at the end … Continue reading What is Empowerment?

Getting started with Communities of Practice

The GRID Network is bringing people together to work on inclusive development and improving rehabilitation service in the North West Region and Cameroon. Together, we are building communities of practice related to several topic areas. In January 2016, GRID started with rehabilitation, health, and social services practitioners. The GRID Network also includes people from other fields that are part … Continue reading Getting started with Communities of Practice