GRID Notebook# 20 – July 22, 2017

The GRID NOTEBOOK is a biweekly newsletter featuring Events, Announcements, News, Resources, and Opportunities you need to know about if you are interested in Disability, Rehabilitation, and Inclusive Development in the North West Region of Cameroon.
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We are happy to include submissions from people who share a passion for disability, rehabilitation, and inclusive development in the North West Region. If you have something to contribute, please send it to Dr. Mbibeh Louis, GRID Network Coordinator –

WHO takes action on hearing loss: Globally, about 5% of the world’s population live with disabling hearing loss, of whom 32 million are children. Many thousands of these people live in the North West Region of Cameroon. There is very little research or public awareness about the impact of hearing loss in our communities. The 340th World Health Assembly: Secretariat report addresses these issues, and recommends that we raise awareness and build political commitment, integrate strategies for ear and hearing care in the health care system, improving data on ear diseases and hearing loss so that there can be better informed policy decision-making. They also recognize the need to develop human resources for ear and hearing care and implement of screening programmes, and for the provision of hearing devices and communication programs. You can read more here: . You can read the new Health Assembly resolution and action plan for prevention of deafness and hearing loss here:

Expanding understandings of disability and rehabilitation: District Medical Officers from all parts of the North West Region attended a workshop on June 8, 2017 hosted by the SEEPD program. Participants had opportunities to learn about and discuss disability, rehabilitation, disability inclusive development, and related practice and research issues. Several GRID members participated, and there was increased interest in collaborative efforts. GRID members in the NWR are encouraged to connect with DMOs when they have relevant information to share or projects that are initiated.
Inclusive Education for School administrators: School Administrators have received training on transformation from integration to inclusion. This training was organised by the Regional Delegation of Secondary Education for the North West and the Socio economic Empowerment of Persons with
Disability (SEEPD) program of the CBCHS with the participation of regional and divisional delegates, inspectors, and pedagogic advisers of both the primary and secondary sectors. Highlights of the training included designing and advocating for inclusive education policies in Cameroon. For more information on this contact Mr Tangem Julius (Education Officer SEEPD Program) or for a full report.
Refresher Course in Inclusive Education: A three-day annual refresher course for Lead Persons in Inclusive Education and Inclusive education Resource Teachers in the North West Region took place from the 27th to 29th June 2017. This workshop brought together a total of 58 participants from all the 18 inclusive pilot schools and from the 5 resource centres. Highlights of the course included identifying challenges faced by learners with visual impairments, hearing impairments, and other learning difficulties in an inclusive classroom. The course included accommodations that are used within the context of the North West Region to maximize students participation. Many participants from the GRID IE group were present at the workshop and found it very enriching. For more on this workshop and for inquiries contact Tangem Julius (Education Officer SEEPD Program) or for a full report.
AFRINEAD African Network for Evidence –to-Action in Disability is a disability research evidence project. GRID will have a presence at this year’s AfriNEAD Conference, coming up August 7 – 9, 2017 with the theme “Disability and Inclusion in Africa: the role of Assistive Technology”. Stay tuned for reports!

We have champions to celebrate! And you can also learn a lot more about Twitter by following them…
Congratulations to GRID Member and Journalist Commy Musa @ComfortMussa on her award as Female Rights Advocate of the year by Scoop. Check her great blog here:
Congratulations to Veronica Ngum Ndi @VNgum and GRID Network Gender and Rehab group member, on her time as an Empower Women Champion

Exciting news – GRID Media and Rehab Group Co-Leader Ngawe Jeffrey has a new weekly column in the Independent Observer newspaper called “Disability and Inclusion”. Each week he writes a column on a topic of interest such as how persons with visual impairments are using Smart phones, and the Challenges of Unemployment for people with disabilities. Contact him at and buy the paper to read all about the issues.

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